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We have a “no cut” policy, which means if you want to be a CA Star cheer athlete you’re on the team. We firmly believe that every child, provided they have the desire, determination, dedication & support of the adults in their lives a  can be taught the techniques and skills required to be a successful allstar cheer athlete. We offer teams for all ages and skill levels. 

Seasonal Allstar Teams (no travel)
Teams practice one day a week beginning in December; tumbling classes are not included in tuition (but may be added at a reduced fee); teams will attend 4 to 6 events each season January through May; no events will require an overnight stay. Registration will begin October 1.

Allstar Teams (limited travel)
Teams practice once/twice a week and are required to attend weekly tumbling classes (included in tuition); teams will attend 8 to 10 events each competitive season December through May; depending on team one to two events may require an overnight stay.

NO TRYOUTS ARE REQUIRED. Initial assessments for Allstar Teams will begin with Tumbling class assessments and will begin the week of June 3rd.  Athletes will then practice over the months of June and July in age/skill appropriate groups once a week for no more than 2 hours and attend a weekly mandatory tumbling class for their appropriate tumbling skill level.  In mid-August, athletes will be reassessed and placed on the age and skill appropriate team in accordance with the 2018-19 USASF Rules & Guidelines. Additionally, athletes will be given the opportunity to attend optional (and those athletes wishing to be placed on elite team are strongly encouraged to do so) classes that are designed to improve the skill level of each athlete in all of the areas utilized by cheer athletes. Detailed information regarding team placement can be found in the information package.
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